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Automatic Glass Doors are door mechanisms that make the buildings in which they are used look more modern and aesthetic, offering passage comfort and energy saving together. It can be produced in different purposes and models, taking into account the needs of the project and user requests.

Glass Door systems make an eye-catching touch to the area where it is integrated, making it different from its peers. Glass Door Models, which offer aesthetics, comfort and security together, bring maximum energy saving by using light transmitting structure.

As Göksu Door, we also commission Glass Door models as long as possible of almost all door systems we have been producing for more than 30 years. If you want the door mechanism you need, regardless of Sectional Door, Photocell Door or even Fire Door, to be produced as Automatic Glass Door, you can Contact Us immediately and talk to our expert team.

People encounter Automatic Glass Door Systems in buildings that serve many different purposes that they visit in their daily lives. Since the motor system is integrated during production, these doors, which detect the person or object approaching it and open and close automatically, are also referred to as Photocell Glass Doors.

Automatic Glass Door models are generally produced with single wing or double wing and used in sliding operation. Thanks to the sensors at the top of the Glass Doors that detect movement, the opening and closing process is provided automatically. 

Automatic Glass Doors can be used in many different projects such as business centers, hospitals, shopping malls, terminals, airports, plazas, laboratories with 100% compatibility. These door models provide many functional and aesthetic advantages to all buildings.

In this article written by our expert teammate;

  • What is a Glass Door
  • Glass Door Models
  • Automatic Glass Door Prices
  • Sectional Glass Door
  • Photocell Glass Door
  • Glass Fire Door
  • Automatic Glass Door Systems

we tried to give answers to the most frequently asked questions about such issues.

To examine technical information, images, videos, brochures, brochures about Automatic Glass Door models produced by Göksu Door; You can instantly contact our experienced teammates by clicking on the Contact text or using the Whatsapp button at the bottom left to get answers to all the questions you have in mind about Glass Door Systems.

Glass Door 

Door models that facilitate the process of entering and exiting buildings in people's daily lives and can provide aesthetics, security and privacy together are called Glass Doors. Glass Door Systems can be manually controlled in classical structure as well as Automatic Glass Door models using motor and control mechanisms.

The dimensional precision and processing quality of the notches and holes drilled for hinge, lock and arm assembly in the manufacture of Glass Door systems produced from tempered glass, taking into account the possibility of human impact, requires great precision.

Glass Door Models produced with Göksu Door quality and guarantee are ready for use after Heat Soak Test is performed in order to prevent breakage in case of any accident. However, as with all the door mechanisms we produce, Glass Door models are produced in accordance with TS EN 12150 standard.

Glass Door Models 

The word Glass Door is quite inclusive, it refers to door mechanisms with many models that can be applied to the structure produced for many different purposes with different features. The 2 most important issues to be considered when choosing between Glass Door Models are the characteristics of the building to be used and the purpose of construction.

Glass Door Models bring many advantages to the project where it is used thanks to its aesthetic appearance and space management capability. Basically, Glass Door Models are examined in 2 classes as Glass Interior Door Models and Glass Exterior Door Models. The fact that Glass Doors will be used indoors or outdoors leads to their production in different features.

Among Glass Interior Door Models;

  • Sliding Glass Door
  • Patterned Glass Door
  • Kitchen Glass Door
  • Rail Glass Door
  • Wooden Glass Door
  • Frosted Glass Door
  • Balcony Glass Door
  • Accordion Glass Door

many different models can be shown.

Among Glass Exterior Door Models;

  • Photocell Glass Door
  • Steel Glass Door
  • PVC Glass Door
  • Glass Fire Door
  • Sectional Glass Door
  • Folding Glass Door

can be specified.

At this point, the important situation is to determine the Glass Door Model that will be most suitable for your project. According to the area where the Glass Doors will be integrated, it is determined which features such as security, energy saving, daylight permeability, comfort, aesthetics will be prioritized and the Glass Door Model with the most suitable functions is produced.

Glass Door Prices 

Glass Door Prices vary according to the areas where they are used and the preferred model. Glass Door Systems, which offer security, comfort and aesthetics together, are offered to the market with different prices depending on their dimensions, building materials, optional features and models.

As Göksu Door, we produce Glass Doors with the most suitable patterns and features for the buildings with the most affordable Glass Door Prices possible. Since these mechanisms, which can be used in a wide range of living spaces and workplaces, can be preferred manually or automatically, Automatic Glass Door Prices may also vary.

For detailed information about Glass Door Models and Prices, you can get information from our expert staff by Calling Us on +90 533 415 56 97 or using our other communication channels. After determining the dimensions of the areas where the glass doors will be installed and other required features, it will be possible to convey a clear price.

Photocell Glass Door 

Photocell Glass Door systems are known as the first door mechanisms that come to mind when it comes to safe and fast passage today. These systems, which open and close automatically, offer aesthetic design and high technology together.

Photocell Glass Door models offer wide passage opportunities in narrow spaces. Photocell Glass Door models are preferred in many different building models with intense passage. Photocell Glass Door models, which have all the features of safe passage, aesthetic appearance, working speed and long-lasting use, have become among the most frequently used Automatic Glass Door systems.

Photocell Glass Doors are the most widely preferred door mechanisms in public buildings, business centers, industrial facilities, hotels, schools, hospitals, hospitals, factories, shopping malls and even residential areas and are compatible with today's technology that provides comfortable passages in the use of millions of people every day.

You can learn detailed information about Photocell Glass Door Models produced by Göksu Door to meet all the needs of the projects by reading our Photocell Door article.

You can Contact Us using our communication channels to have Photocell Glass Doors, which contain many desirable features such as transparency, aesthetics, security, comfort, durability and elegance, with Göksu Door quality and price policy.

Sliding Glass Door 

One of the Glass Door models that have started to be preferred more frequently recently is Sliding Glass Doors. These door mechanisms combine functional features with an aesthetic appearance. Sliding Glass Door models save space because the sliding system is used instead of opening forward or backward.

Sliding Glass Door Models allow sunlight to have maximum effect on the environment in which they are used. This door model, which is used especially in offices or residences, can be produced in different colors and patterns to adapt to the appearance of the project.

Glass Fire Doors 

Glass Fire Doors are special door mechanisms produced from fire-resistant glass in E, EW and EI classes that do not transmit heat, smoke and flame to the non-fire zone. The basis of the difference of glass classes used in the production of Glass Fire Doors is the duration of preventing the transition of negative effects to different areas in case of fire.

These Glass Door models produced with Fire Resistant Glass can be seen as a mechanism used to protect buildings from fire. These door models, whose production requires mastery, should be integrated with 100% suitable joinery for the type of glass selected during manufacturing.

You can access detailed information, technical specifications, images, videos and brochures about Glass Fire Doors produced with Göksu Door experience and quality by clicking the link https://goxu.com.tr/eng/glass-fire-rated-doors-33-product.html

Circular Glass Doors 

Among the Automatic Door models where Glass Door systems are most preferred and even admired, Circular, i.e. Revolving Doors are shown. These systems, referred to as Circular Glass Doors, offer comfort, aesthetics and integrity to projects together.

These systems, also referred to as Glass Revolving Doors, can be produced to operate as semi-circular, curvilinear, full circular, concave or convex, taking into account the needs of the project. Especially in buildings with flat facades, it provides remarkable entrances with detailed solutions and correct use.

Göksu Glass Revolving Doors are door systems that can be produced in surface alternatives, number of wings and colors suitable for the project, combining maximum security with fast passage and energy saving. You can find detailed information about Revolving Door systems by clicking the link https://goxu.com.tr/eng/revolving-door-63.html

Rail Glass Door 

Among the Glass Door Models that have been used recently, systems expressed as Rail Glass Door or Folding Glass Door have also come to the fore. Such Glass Door systems are especially used in transitions from outdoors to indoors or balcony doors.

Rail Glass Door models produced with Göksu Door experience and quality save space thanks to their folding features. Rail Glass Doors provide a spacious structure and aesthetic design to the projects they are used in.

Hinged Glass Door 

Hinged Glass Door models are door systems that have become popular recently, just like Rail Glass Doors. These Glass Door models are used in projects designed to meet many different needs.

The Hinged Glass Door, whose working logic is similar to standard doors without glass, is produced in a structure that can be opened inward or outward. These door systems, which can be used in homes and workplaces, are produced in the models and colors required to fit the project.

Glass Door Accessories 

Glass Door Systems are door mechanisms that have become very preferred today due to the many advantages they offer in terms of aesthetics, functionality and security.

Glass Door Models are produced in different specifications, taking into account the needs of projects and users. Regardless of residence or workplace, most of the Glass Doors are produced in the model called Automatic Glass Door using motor and control units.

Among the mechanisms used to produce Glass Door Systems in desired models and features;

  • Glass Door Lock
  • Glass Door Handle
  • Glass Door Motor
  • Glass Door Hinge
  • Glass Door Hydraulics
  • Glass Door Control Unit
  • Glass Door Hydraulics
  • Glass Door Sensor

is shown.

Göksu Door examines the projects on site, uses the mechanisms needed and produces Glass Door Models in the most appropriate dimensions and offers them for use.

Glass Door Lock 

Glass Door Lock can be shown as one of the most important mechanisms for securing the structure while ensuring that the Glass Doors are aesthetically desirable. Glass Door Lock systems are produced in different structures for each door model.

Glass Door Lock allows users to use the space peacefully and minimize theft cases, regardless of residence or workplace. These mechanisms, which enable projects to serve under high-level protection, are produced and integrated to be 100% compatible with the structure and contribute to the creation of a stylish appearance.

Glass Door Locks, which can offer different locking options for each Glass Door Model, can be shown among the accessories that can be used for a long life. These systems, which can be simply mounted and replaced on Glass Doors, are known as non-wearing and impact-resistant apparatus.

Automatic Glass Door Usage Areas

Automatic Glass Door Systems are used in many different projects today and meet the needs at a level close to 100%.

Automatic Glass Doors, which provide almost all the desired conditions especially in terms of security, aesthetics and comfort, have become very preferred today. Automatic Glass Door systems can be used in many projects such as hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, markets, train / metro stations and stations, public buildings, automobile exhibition areas, airports, shopping centers, hotels and factories.

Automatic Doors are systems that open and close by sensing when it is approached. Automatic Door opening and closing operations are usually provided by electric power. Thanks to the sensor or photocell used in the door mechanism, the moving person is detected and the door opens automatically. The sensor can be replaced with input options such as button, card, password if desired.

In the Automatic Door Operation Process, the radar system is activated first. When a person, vehicle or product approaches the designated area, the radar system detects and triggers the control panel. This section at the top of the door controls whether it is open or closed. After this stage, the wing section and the motor that make up the Automatic Door System are activated. The opening and closing of the wings of the door is realized thanks to the execution system based on the motor. The opening and closing speed of the wings can also be adjusted from the motor unit.

Automatic Door systems are used without closing for the desired period of time by activating the feature in their mechanisms that allows them to remain open continuously by stopping the opening and closing. This is used to save energy in cases where the transition to this state will be very intense in a short time.

Automatic Garden Gate can be easily opened and closed by using a remote control or a different trigger when there is electricity. When there is a power outage, it can also be opened manually by pulling down the rope on the motor rail.

Many door mechanisms such as radar, sensor, photocell, door leaf, door motor can cause Door Automatics not to work properly. If you are having problems with the Automatic Door System, you can get support from our expert team by contacting our company.

You can try to open the door from the manual opening box. You can open it with the engine manual bar or chain by opening the outer box of the Automatic Door.

The Automatic Door Sensor is adjusted according to the size of the building in which it is used and the area dominated by the entrance and exit door. First of all, the Automatic Door Model suitable for the intended use of the building and a suitable sensor type should be determined.

After the Automatic Door Installation is completed, thanks to the sensor adjustment to be made by the expert team, people and objects coming up to a certain proximity to the door will be detected and the motor system that enables the door to open and close will be triggered.