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Folding Door models are the preferred door systems especially in places where the entry - exit process is intense because they have a fast system and have the ability to protect the elements inside from the negative effects outside.

Folding Door Systems, which have become very frequently used today, are preferred in many areas of production and distribution, and are strengthened with the hardware integrated in the light of technological developments every day.

Folding Door Models can be produced in different sizes and features. These door systems, which can be opened and closed quickly, prevent involuntary entry. These systems, which add aesthetics and security to the projects, can be used as Automatic Folding Doors by integrating any control mechanism.

Folding Door models that will best suit the needs and intended use of the projects are produced by Göksu Kapı with a safe, comfortable and fast manufacturing process. You can review all Door Models produced with Göksu Door quality by clicking on the link https://goxu.com.tr/eng/products.html  

Folding Doors facilitate daily life and lighten the burden of workplaces thanks to their practical and fast use. These door systems are referred to as Folding Doors because they open by folding upwards quickly. In some cases, considering the structure of the projects, there are Folding Door Models that fold open sideways.

Folding Door Systems can be moved automatically thanks to the control mechanisms integrated in the production process and the Folding Door Motor that can be used with the system. In addition, Folding Door Models can be produced in the required sizes and with the desired features thanks to the use of different materials.

Folding Door Systems, which can be used indoors when necessary, are more preferred outdoors because they have high resistance to wind and pressure. These door systems are produced with the use of different materials according to the severity of the wind in the region.

In order to produce the Folding Door Systems you need in your projects with Göksu Door quality, experience and guarantee and to get detailed information about the most suitable Folding Door Models for your building, you can click on the Contact text or touch the Whatsapp icon at the bottom left and instant message with our authorized teammate.

Folding Door Systems 

Folding Door Systems are products used to control the passage between areas with large openings, regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors. It can be used in industrial areas such as warehouses and factories, as well as in residential areas such as balconies, gardens and terraces.

Folding Door Systems can be produced in the form of single movable wing or double movable wing. In Folding Door models opened on a single wing, the wings other than the single wing gather on each other and meet at one point. When this system, which allows more utilization of the view and light, is opened, the user can reach the outside without being exposed to any partition.

The number of wings in Folding Door systems varies according to the opening distance of the project. The carrying capacity varies depending on the selected wing profile. Folding Door Systems, which are generally used with a threshold, can be used without a threshold by embedding the lower mechanism into the ground to some extent.

Folding Door Models 

Folding Doors are door systems that can be produced in many different models, taking into account the needs and characteristics of the place where they will be applied.

First of all, since Folding Doors can be designed in desired dimensions, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Folding Door Models, which can have window openings according to the needs of the building, can be produced by inverting in whatever direction the user requests require.

Folding Door Models can be structurally classified with different names such as High Speed, Single - Double Leaf, Single - Double Fold. However, considering the way it works and the materials used in its production, Casement Door Systems;

  • Casement PVC Door
  • Casement Glass Door
  • Swing Sliding Door
  • Casement Sliding Door
  • Casement Panel Door
  • Casement Iron Door
  • Swing Rail Door
  • Winged Wrought Iron Door

can be categorized as.

Folding Door Mechanisms 

Today, many Folding Door Models have started to be produced considering the needs and features of the projects. As Göksu Door, we are leading the sector as one of the companies that produce the highest quality and high amount of production in Turkey and in the world for Folding Door Systems as for all other Door Systems.

All apparatus used for the production of Folding Door Models suitable for the project are expressed as Folding Door Mechanisms. Folding Door Models that meet the demands of the enterprise 100% are produced with some mechanisms and optional mechanisms that are used compulsorily for the healthy operation of the Folding Door System.

Some of the Folding Door Mechanisms used during production;

  • Folding Door Motor,
  • Folding Door Rail,
  • Folding Door Panel,
  • Folding Door Control System,
  • Folding Door Hinge,

can be specified in the form.

The Folding Door Types produced by Göksu Door are produced by using the necessary Folding Door Mechanisms to have the most suitable exterior appearance for the environment where they will be installed and to meet the needs of the enterprise completely.

Folding Door Prices 

Folding Doors are known as one of the door systems that can be used in buildings built for all residences and workplaces today. The prices of these mechanisms, which can be produced in different sizes, namely Folding Door Prices, vary depending on the dimensions.

Folding Door Prices One of the situations that cause changes in 2023 is the quality of the material used in the manufacturing process. Apart from the dimensions and material of the door, issues such as window openings, detail dimensions, resistance to wind pressure are among the factors affecting the price.

In order to get the healthiest information about Folding Door Prices and to learn the most suitable Folding Door Model for the door systems you need in your project, you can Contact Us immediately and talk to our expert team.

Side Folding Door 

Side Folding Doors are Folding Door systems in which the wings are folded sideways and the vertical wings are connected to each other with hinges. These door systems, which can also be used as Hangar Doors, can be expressed as Side Folding Hangar Doors. In Side Folding Hangar Door systems, a guide rail is used on the floor together with the upper sliding system guide.

You can review Detailed Information, Technical Specifications, Visuals, Brochures and Videos about Hangar Door models produced by Göksu Door by clicking on the link https://goxu.com.tr/eng/hangar-doors-71-product.html

Folding Sliding Door 

Folding Sliding Doors are systems with high carrying capacity that allow easy passage of large openings by making many folding wings of 3 meters and above. These systems, which offer the possibility of opening inwards or outwards, are produced in accordance with European standards.

Our expert staff working within Göksu Door continues to produce many different Folding Sliding Door models that combine Sliding Door and Folding Door systems.

Among the advantages of Sliding Folding Door systems;

  • Easy production, maintenance and installation,
  • Collect to the left or right,
  • Open inwards or outwards,
  • It can be moved even with one hand,
  • High performance thanks to the double row roving system,
  • Having safe locking systems,

can be shown.

Folding PVC Door 

Folding PVC Doors are door mechanisms that offer very successful solutions in projects where transitions are intense and indoor weather conditions are not desired to be affected by the external environment. PVC Folding Door models, which are known as very long-lasting and reliable systems, can be produced as fixed speed opening and closing, as well as high-speed operation within the scope of Fast PVC Folding Door.

High Speed PVC Folding Door 

High Speed PVC Folding Doors are systems that can be opened and closed quickly, which are used to prevent the interior spaces of the workplaces from being affected by the adverse weather conditions and dusty environment outside. High Speed PVC Door models can be applied not only indoors but also outdoors.

These door mechanisms, which can also be referred to as High Speed PVC Folding Doors, are frequently preferred in places used for purposes such as warehouses where intensive work, forklift and vehicle transitions are required to be made quickly.

High Speed PVC Folding Door models not only open and close quickly, but also help to save energy thanks to their high level of insulation. Workplaces serving for many different purposes prefer Fast PVC Folding Door systems produced by Göksu Kapı and make their workplaces safe.

You can review the Technical Specifications, Visuals, Videos and Brochures about High Speed PVC Door models, which offer many advantages when used in different industrial areas such as factories, warehouses, galleries and industry, by clicking on the link https://goxu.com.tr/eng/high-speed-pvc-doors-24-product.html

Folding Sliding Door 

Folding Sliding Door systems are safely preferred by users due to their functionality and ease of use. Especially people who want to create aesthetic and stylish spaces resort to Folding Sliding Door models in areas such as balconies and gardens of projects produced for residential purposes.

Sliding Folding Doors, which are expressed as a very durable and economical product, are door systems that can be used practically and are minimally affected by external factors. It has been revealed that it provides maximum efficiency in Price / Performance evaluations made by experts.

Sliding Folding Doors are door systems that work with the movement of panels that are interlocked and placed on the rail, easy to install and remove and do not take up space. It is preferred not only in residential spaces but also in large spaces such as shopping malls, restaurants, business, health and education centers due to the advantages it provides.

As with other Folding Door models, Folding Sliding Doors are long-lasting products and can be used for years without any problems. The biggest contribution it offers to the projects in which it is used is that it can be fully opened, so it can combine the interior and exterior without creating a loss of space.

Photocell Folding Door 

Photocell Folding Door systems are designed to offer a life full of daylight to the buildings where they are applied. Photocell Door systems offer healthy solutions especially in buildings where the need for automatic passage has arisen but the passage distance is limited.

These systems, which can work with the Accordion Door logic, can work in series for many years as a result of two separate wings overlapping each other in a circular line. These door models are produced in a design that can adapt to every structure.

Photocell Folding Door systems are products that offer high insulation, high level security and minimal design together. Thanks to the advantages provided when designing the door, maximum transparency and easy opening are created in the space.

Thermally Insulated Folding Door 

Folding Door systems are products with a wide range of usage areas. They are also integrated in living spaces where they can be used for different purposes in workplaces, taking into account aesthetic concerns. Folding Door models are widely used especially in living spaces such as balconies, terraces, winter gardens, restaurants where indoor and outdoor spaces are desired to be used as a whole.

These door mechanisms, also referred to as Heat Insulated Folding Door systems, are produced in a way to make maximum use of functional and insulation in places where aesthetics are prioritized. Heat Insulated Folding Doors are produced in different models according to the dimensions of the place to be used and the desired function features.

Advantages of Folding Doors 

Folding Doors are products with a wide range of usage areas, especially in homes, shops, workplaces, public institutions, warehouses and industrial areas. One of the most important reasons for this situation is that the advantages they provide to the areas where they are applied are quite high.

Folding Door Benefits include;

  • Functional use in large sizes and wide openings,
  • A robust construction that is durable, long-lasting and works flawlessly,
  • Maximum energy savings thanks to high thermal insulation,
  • High wind resistance, air impermeability and water tightness,
  • Easy maintenance and installation,

can be shown.

Folding Doors consist of panels placed on a metal or wooden frame and connected to each other with metal or plastic hinges. The doors move on a rail system. The panel of the door is connected to each other through hinges so that it can be folded when opening and closing the door.

Installation of Folding Doors is done according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. First, the area where the door will be installed must be measured correctly. Then the door frame and rail system are assembled. Then the door panels are placed on the rail system and connected to each other with hinges.

Folding door is a type of door in which more than one panel connected to each other with hinges folds and opens and closes. These doors are used to save space.

Prices of Folding Doors may vary depending on the size of the door, material type, brand & model and other features.

Installation of Folding Doors is done according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. First, the area where the door will be installed must be measured correctly. Then the door frame and rail system are assembled. Then the door panels are placed on the rail system and connected to each other with hinges.

Folding Glass Door is a type of door that consists of glass panels and can be opened and closed by folding. These doors are used in areas that combine indoors and outdoors to partition and let in light without obstructing the view.

A folding door is a type of door consisting of panels or sections that are connected to each other with hinges and move on a rail. These doors are known for their ability to close a wide opening and open doors in less space.